Independent consultants working directly with clients as their advocate as well as using my experience to accomplish the following:

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation process Provide for client independence in performing typical IT processes.
  • Create the vision to drive current and future business improvement.
  • Facilitate a change management process that gets the most out of the standard technology.
  • Provide guidance and review of customizations to insure justification and proper design criteria.
  • Provide alternate possibilities to any given requirement.
  • Become client advocate in dealing with partners.
  • Insure proper budgetary controls and feedback is in place.
  • Review and assist as necessary in long and short range planning.
  • Insure compliance to plan and proper feedback to individual elements.
  • Help facilitate effective resource planning

Underlying Philosophy

In any implementation, we need to focus on the outcomes. Too much emphasis is put on methodology. Without proper execution, a project goes sideways. Too much time is spent talking about it without producing tangible results. Planning, process, and execution must produce outcomes or they serve no purpose. The business must also support efficient decision making processes.
Another cornerstone of my methodology is comprehensive business modeling in the new ERP system. We do not need to know everything before we start creating the vision. I have found people can articulate the flaws in a model easily. It also provides the basis for acceptance of certain standard processes.

It is important to focus on the real requirements of a business. Those elements that are unique to them. What provides their strategic advantages? What is needed to support their underlying business philosophies. These are the things that must have special focus. The other 80% that everyone does the same should be accepted as the standard existing new ERP process. This is until we identify some deficiency in a process. Too many people start making changes in a new system before they truly understand the system itself. Any process change should not be based on likes or dislikes. They must support a non-fulfilled process need or a cost justified change to improve efficiency or accuracy.

Business Process Improvement