Strategic Roadmap 

Business Process Improvement

Use of complementary technology

When one looks at any ERP system, there may very well be capabilities not currently used. There also can be other technology functionality that is already interfaced or is easily interfaced. Here’s a list of some of those available technologies:

Business Intelligence – This is a product area that is maturing and has a lot of options. With the high cost reporting, is important to include business intelligence as part of your overall strategic plan. The ability to analyze large data sets from many different areas is important to understanding our business information. The biggest difference between these offerings is there currently available AX specific offerings in their true cost of ownership. Things like the licensing costs and SAS costs must truly be understood.

WMS and TMS – With Warehouse Management Systems and   Transportation Management Systems it can dramatically improve business areas that are not traditionally solved by ERP systems. With the new versions of AX, this is a significant opportunity to improve your supply chain processes. WMS has proven to be one of the most significant technologies to improve company operations. It is easily cost justified and dramatically improves inventory accuracy.

Electronic Messaging – Although electronic messaging is also known as EDI, there is been many changes in this area of the industry. Technology has changed to make it easier to communicate and easier to consume electronic information. It also is a major component in any data processing automation. Effective integration of this type of information is typically one of the biggest cost savings for most companies.

Integration technology – Most companies have a requirement to integrate to some outside process. The problem with AX specific, is they have lacked a good integration framework. Integration frameworks can easily pay for themselves by standardizing and dramatically cutting down the cost of the integration itself. It provides a standard expandable architecture that can support virtually any AX process. It is unfortunate that this is not currently native in AX.

A Strategic Plan and Roadmap should be an ongoing process. It should not be determined by the ERP plan. If anything, the ERP plan should be part of the Strategic Plan. Where most of these go off track is that the company looks to the ERP partner to solve these technical requirements. They may or may not be suited to the task. One of the best approaches, is to engage resources that specialize in these specific product areas. 

Business Process Improvement can help you facilitate all of these processes. Their experience consultants can provide the best advice and make you aware of technologies both with in AX and from outside parties. Their ability to speak with you in terms of your business needs is very important in communicating at the appropriate level.