Dr. Scott Hamilton has been publishing the definitive guides on Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX since 2004, where a slim 22-page chapter gave a startling clear and useful overview of Axapta Version 3’s Master Scheduling capabilities.
In this latest edition, Dr. Hamilton has devoted an entire 250-page volume to Supply Chain Management using the latest Dynamics AX version: Dynamics 365 for Operations. The additional content covers the integration of Dynamics 365 for Operations into an organisation’s master S&OP sales and operations game-plan; additional industry specific case studies; business process flow-charts; and Dynamics 365 for Operations screen-shots.
The Master planning functionality in Dynamics 365 for Operations is virtually identical to that provided by the earlier Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version, so although using Dynamics 365 for Operations vocabulary and screen-shots this book is equally applicable to supply chain professionals operating with Dynamics AX 2012.
When implementing Dynamics 365 for Operations, organisations will be keen to identify those ‘key-users’ – System Matter Experts – who are vital to the successful implementation and operation of any ERP system. The inclusion of business process flow-charts and screen-shots make this edition accessible to those key-users, and will provide them with an invaluable reference for setting up their day-to-day operation, and for exploring other supply chain management options as the organisation evolves, and business requirements change.
I’m sure that with the advent of Dynamics 365 for Operations we are going to see more organisations implementing the basic Dynamics 365 for Operations functionality without resorting to customisations, and in that environment a clear, comprehensive guide like Dr. Hamilton’s is an incredibly valuable asset.
This book is essential reading for Supply Chain professionals in any organisation which has implemented or is implementing Dynamics 365 for Operations; or for organisations running Dynamics AX 2009 or 2012 who are considering migration to Dynamics 365 for Operations; and for business analysts and re-seller functional consultants implementing the Trade and Logistics modules of Dynamics 365 for Operations.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Tim Schofield. Dynamics Functional Consultant. Microsoft Business Solutions MVP.

​​As usual, Scott had has delivered a comprehensive and illuminating review of functionality within a new release. Not only is this an effective functionality reference manual, it is also casting much needed and little published light on the various ways that this functionality may be implemented based on a company’s business model and product line.

I have observed first hand that Master Planning can be one of the most confusing and poorly implemented modules in the suite. Scott’s book is the best I have seen in attacking these sources of confusion. In addition, there is much powerful but under-tapped capability in Master Planning not implemented simply because it is not well understood. For me, this is where the book shines. Examples I would highlight include:

  • how appropriate use of planned order approval can be used to handle plan stability and level loading strategies for make-to-stock items. In other words, what APICS means by “Master Planning” rather than just “MRP”.
  • how forecast reduction by percentage profiles can be used as a demand fence – a near term period of time where only sales demand drives supply.
  • beneficial applications of the rarely-used supply forecast for certain supply constrained business models.
  • how to leverage the inherent strength of the new Dynamics 365 for Operations and recent Dynamics AX releases in mixed Lean and Traditional manufacturing shop floors.

If this is how you make your living, get a copy.
Nigel Cox - enVista

His latest book about "Master Planning in Manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations" is a must for anyone involved with Microsoft Dynamics AX. His attention to detail and accuracy has no peer. I have all of his books and it has saved me hundreds of hours of research. This is because when I want to expand my understanding of a subject I go to Scott's books first.

Don Riggs - Business Process Improvement

Personal Note Don Riggs

if there could be such a thing As a Rock Star in the Dynamics AX world, Scott Hamilton would clearly be one. All of us compile knowledge during our careers. Scott Hamilton shares his with the rest of the world through his writing. His commitment and determination regarding what he chooses to write about is remarkable. We are lucky to have someone as dedicated to his craft as Scott.

This book focuses on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations supports master planning to coordinate supply chain management (SCM) in manufacturing businesses. It covers the essential capabilities of master planning as well as additional considerations for different functional areas and different types of manufacturing. The intended readers are SCM professionals that need to learn the master planning capabilities for running a manufacturing business, and want to employ standard functionality as much as possible. With few exceptions, the book contents also apply to the previous software version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

Introducing Scott Hamilton's Newest Book

"Master Planning in Manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations"

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