"I have been very lucky to have accomplished all my professional goals save one. That is the creation of a school that helps prepare  individuals from every social economic group for entry into the ERP industry.  Having had many mentors in my life, I am at an age where they are no longer on this earth.  I cannot personally thank them , but I can celebrate them.  This is why I have created the MVP Mentor Program."

Don Riggs - Microsoft MVP

MVP Mentor Program

Many of us are in a unique position to share our knowledge and experience with exceptional individuals. There should be specific focus on individuals that may not have the same opportunities shared by others. This means that we have two major goals:

  1. Provide for nurturing individuals that are interested in a career path based on Microsoft technologies.
  2. Wherever possible, provide special consideration for groups that have lacked an equal opportunity. This means reaching out to groups to help demonstrate what a truly diversified program can be.

What is the purpose of the MVP mentor program?

The purpose of the MVP mentor program is to provide for a selection process, access to training and career advice.  It is designed to provide exceptional individuals to help make Microsoft technologies a potential career path.

Who is eligible for the program?

Anyone who displays the qualities of leadership, compassion, dedication, and the willingness to help develop our future and current generations. Diversity and fairness cannot be dictated. It must come from a way of thinking that treats all groups of people fairly. We are hoping to accomplish this as part of our charter to help develop future leaders within our industry.

What are the major parts of the program?

Selection Process – nominees can be recommended or apply directly for this program. All nominees will be reviewed.  The top prospects will be selected for individual interviews. Based on these interviews, individuals will be selected for the program based on current capacities within the program.

Indoctrination – the purpose of the indoctrination is to make awardees knowledgeable with regards to the program and specific career opportunities within the program. The goal is to help guide them in a direction that will best fit their goals and demonstrated abilities.

Assignment to mentor – the assignment to mentor will be based on the awardees desired course of study. This should be done in a way that promotes diversification. It is important to have groups that cross social and economic boundaries. In doing this it will also be a learning experience for the mentor.

Training – all areas of study will have specific learning goals and milestones for every course of study. Mentors will take opportunity to use all available learning resources. The purpose is not to have the mentor teach anything that is not generally available. We do however want to facilitate specific learning that is tailored to enhance the individual’s employment prospects. In short, the goal is to prepare the awardees for immediate entrance into the job market.  This will also incorporate answers to questions and access to additional materials as necessary.

Review process – it is important to have demonstrable goals for any course of study.  These goals must be fair and consider the awardees responsibilities outside of the program. A student carrying a full-time load and working part time will take longer to develop than people in other situations. Such things as lessons completed, certifications, and other complementary studies need be considered.

Career advice – over and above monitoring the awardees development progress, it is important to understand and provide advice on how to reach their goals. It is also hoped that the mentor may very well help in positioning the awardee. By using their contacts and respective position in the industry, it is hoped this will aid on placement. It is our hopes that successful awardees in our program become the most sought-after people in the industry.

Requirements – there shall be no financial requirements for awardees. This means that all people must have the same access to resources. The only requirement that the awardee must agree to provide training of at least one other individual within the program.

Expulsion – any organization must provide for conditions that would discontinue their access to the program.  Every effort must be made to facilitate an agreed-upon resolution. This means that the awardee must be given every possible consideration to make the progress necessary. It is unfair to hold back other individuals should there be no other remedy.

We also believe the majority of professionals are looking for opportunities to give back to an industry that has been so very good to them. 

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