Business Process Improvement

The problem with most of implementations, is that the customer knows there is a problem but hopes it gets better. There can be many reasons for this, but in general there are some early warning signs you need be aware of. They are as follows:

  1. Lack of customer interaction with the new system - It is important that the customer team is included in the development of the business model. This is a learning opportunity and helps with business model acceptance. The business model also is the true validation of what was learned in the discovery process.
  2. No clear understanding of consultant weekly activities - It is amazing, how little is understood regarding consultant weekly activities. You must have a clearly identified short-term plan, along with feedback based on the performance of that plan. It is your money, you must understand how it is being spe
  3. Poor project visibility – All projects must have a long-term plan and we must understand where we are within it. Virtually all projects start with such a plain. This how we derive timelines and costs. What this means is this plan is typically tied to the budget.  If you are not managing to the plan, you are also not managing the budget.
  4. .Poor budget management – if you do not have a formal process that manages performance against budget, you are guaranteed to go over budget. Any process that does not have proper feedback is by definition out of control. Budget is the constraining framework for execution. Without proper budget controls, anything is possible. All people involved in the project must be held accountable for budget
  5. Lack of change control – it is important to have a clear process that authorizes changes within the implementation process. This should be any change that affects scope, cost, or functionality. These changes must be cost justified if we have any hope of controlling  project cost. You cannot assume that just because you have an agreed-upon budget, that you can change whatever you want. Many of these changes also have a long-term cost. It is important to limit them as much as practically possible.
This is how Business Process Improvement can help

How Do You Recognize Implementation Problems Early?

In short, if you have a concern about your project, you must deal with. It is important that you clearly understand and agree with how your money is being spent. It is your responsibility to help limit the scope as much as practically possible. Along with that, you must understand these changes do not come free. What happens many times is that companies feel trapped within the process. If you wait for things to get better, you’re almost ensuring they will not.Type your paragraph here.

The Importance of Timely Execution

The most important thing about this process, is to not wait too long before you start it. The longer these problems exist, the less likely they can be solved in an equitable manner. Many companies go through a complete ERP implementation once every 10 to 15 years.  They are not expected to be experts on the process. It is however important that they have the pulse on the progress in the costs of their individual project. If you are not getting proper information to make a business decision you need to get help. The quicker you seek this help the more likely we are to reduce the problems. If nothing else, it could very well validate the you have an implementation that is proceeding properly.