What are indications that your system needs reviewed?

System related problems will not resolve themselves. If anything they will probably get worse. This is because the more resources used and the more information we bring into a system, the more marginal conditions are stressed. These are some clear indications that you have system related problems:

  • System performance problems, particularly if they are getting worse over time
  • Inconsistent screen performance, or long wait times
  • Unexplained errors, or system stoppages
  • Long-running processes
  • Lack of a formal system recovery plan
  • Lack of confidence in your backup strategy

Most Common Problems Identified

  1. Poorly configured systems with regard to setup and resources
  2. Poorly written customizations and reports resulting in consuming inordinate resources and record locking
  3. Improper or missing indexes
  4. Lack of proper SQL maintenance routines
  5. Networking problems causing such things as loss connection between AOS and SQL server resulting in unexplained errors.
  6. Improper use of system resources


One of the biggest threats to any company is the improper configuration and maintenance of the Dynamics AX operating environment. Poorly designed and executed processes can result in anything from poor performance to complete system failure. The results of this can be devastating to a company.

Business Process Improvement

What is System Health Check?

A Health Check is a process that evaluates the overall operating environment to identify system threats and their overall magnitude. It includes the following processes:

  • Review of current system concerns or problems as identified by client
  • Review of overall AX operating environment for proper configuration and necessary resources.
  • Review of SQL servers to determine the effectiveness of the following:
    • Configuration
    • Resources
    • Maintenance Plan
    • Backup Plan
  • Review of AOS to determine the effectiveness of the following:
    • AOS Configuration
    • Batch Configuration
    • Topology
    • Data Management Practices
  • Analyze system performance
    • Observe System Response
    • verify proper indexing
    • identifying system locks
    • identifying poor running queries

Health Checks