AX Functional Review 

Ever wonder how effectively you’re using Dynamics AX and all of its possibilities? Do you ever have any questions about how your system is configured and why it does some of the things it does? The AX functional review can help answer these questions. Our seasoned professionals will come and discuss your functional related concerns, shortcomings, or overall questions. Based on this information they will review the system configurations and setups.  They will then make recommendations on how you might solve some of your existing problems, or concerns. Because of the experience of BPI,s consultants this is also a platform to get questions answered that may have been a mystery.  The result of this review will document the problems, concerns, and non-standard methodologies.  They will also provide a recommended road map for solving these issues.  These services include:

  • Company review that facilitates questions, concerns, and issues
  • Review of existing configurations to identify inconsistencies or questionable practices.
  • Review of effective utilization of functional resources.
  • Report identifying what has been discovered and recommendations that will solve the problems.

AX Code Review

The majority of Dynamics AX systems have some manner of customizations. Do you or your company have any concerns about this? Things like:

  • How well written is this code?
  • How maintainable is this code?
  • How upgradable is this code?

The biggest single cost driver in your continuing cost will be related to your customizations. It is important to make sure this has the absolute minimal impact on your system costs. Doesn’t it make sense to have professionals come in and review this most vulnerable of situations?

Other Health Check services provided by Business Process Improvement

 What we do in the AX code review is to identify the custom pieces themselves. We then review these individual pieces to identify how maintainable, how well written, to determine your risk exposure for these products. We then will make recommendations on how these problems can be solved. These will include the severity and effectiveness of these customizations. We also work with you on putting together a plan to resolve the deficiencies.

AX Interface Review

 Interfacing to outside information and systems is a requirement for most ERP implementations. Whether it’s high-volume EDI transactions or other critical communications it is important that they be effective. Many times critical interfaces define a company’s ability to perform. In short, reliable and effective integrations greatly benefit the company. On the other hand, unreliable and ineffective integrations can hurt a company greatly. Imagine the impact of not being able to process EDI orders for three days, or not being able to process anything through the warehouse for an extended period of time. That is why having effective and reliable interfaces are so very important to the success of an organization.  These services include:

  • identify acceptable coding practices
  • Identify upgradability to future versions
  • Reliability - Consistency of process
  • Extensibility - The ability to expand on model
  • Reentrancy - The ability to sustain problems
  • Performance - Ability to execute within an effective meantime

Business Process Improvement