BPI Independent Resource Code of Conduct

  • Independent of all other relationships, I will always put the needs of the client first. They are the ones who ultimately provide me the opportunity and I must deliver on that.

  • I will always treat the Microsoft Partners with the respect they deserve. Without them, there would not be opportunities. They've invested their time and effort to sell the licensing that enables us.
  • I will always strive to work with the Microsoft Partner on client engagements. I will earn business by merit and because of this there is no reason that they should not know of my involvement.
  • I will always strive to help reconcile conflicts that may occur between Client and Microsoft Partner.  My job is not to drive a wedge, but to help enable reconciliation.
  • I will conduct my personal development at my cost. I will never expect the client to pay for the sole purpose of enriching my knowledge.
  • I will always provide good value. I will provide positive outcomes in a crisp and efficient manner.
  • I will always provide the customer with information regarding what I am doing, what I have accomplished, and any roadblocks that need to be cleared to efficiently get results.
  • I will never ask the customer to pay for time that I am not fully engaged in providing a solution. The exceptions of this, is when I am specifically engaged to be available. In those cases, I will clearly define those terms and conditions.

Yes, I am one of the best that I what to be listed!

Having been an independent self-employed resource for most of my career, I have a vision. That vision is to provide independent resources with the vehicle to not only be recognized, but also be identified.

Independent professionals serve an important role in the Dynamics AX channel. I believe, the channel should start to recognize their contribution to this industry. They do not steal business from other Partners. They earn business from Partners who are not satisfying their client’s needs. Unfortunately based on the number of implementations that are in trouble there is much opportunity for these Independents. That is not their fault. Competition creates a healthier marketplace.  I believe it will eventually lead to a better implementation practice. Having the ability to get an independent view on a project before it’s too late could very well keep the partner in the project.  This is because many times the client has just as much fault as the partner. An independent resource can hold both parties responsible. 

If you are an independent resource and would like to be listed on this forum, please fill out and submits the form to the right. You can also email me directly at donriggs@busproc.com

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